Okay, I’m Giving In

One of my colleagues (B2!) has been telling me for a while that I should start a blog, and this week I had an experience that finally pushed me over the edge.

This experience occurred in the faculty restroom of a high school in rural Utah.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.

I was once more the victim of poor bathroom sink design…aaah! The tragedy of it all.

This is the offending fixture:

bad sink

As you can see, the faucet on this sink is extremely short, and extremely close to the back of the bowl. So, while I am trying to wash my hands to remove germs, they keep bumping against the back of the bowl, picking up other people’s sink germs. A sink design like this completely defeats the purpose of such installations. Also, it makes it highly impractical for anything else one might want to use a sink for. Like refilling a water bottle, washing one’s face after a harrowing five minutes during passing time in the halls, etc. Gaaaaah.

On the other hand, there is hope, and I found it the very next day (today, in fact). This is a sink from a restroom in another high school in Utah. It is a shining example of all that a bathroom sink should be:

good sink

Notice how the faucet is well above the bowl, and positioned closer to the center? Also notice how it’s all one piece, making for easier cleaning? And that it is lovely in its simplicity? Yes. This, my friends, is everything that a sink should be. Designed for usefulness.

Washing my hands in this sink was a delight.

Sink-makers of the world, take notice.

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