Sorry, please forgive the bad pun, but I am a bit of a geology nerd and I was just in geology heaven – also known as Moab, Utah – for the weekend.

Moab. Pronounced Mow-ab. Strange name, great place. Technically, I was there on a business trip, but since I’ve had a lot of business lately, Sean and I decided to take a day off on Friday and go hiking before I had to work on Saturday. As gloated about previously, we went to Arches National Park, and it was flippin’ amazing as usual.

We hiked the Devil’s Garden, and there were lots of arches. This one is Tunnel Arch.

This is Pine Tree Arch. It’s pretty darn big. Can you see Sean standing at the bottom?

This is Landscape Arch. It’s always amazing to me how certain sections of rock manage to outlast the erosion and create an arch, especially one this high and thin. Beautiful!

This is Private Arch. Can you see it, tucked in between the rock fins? You can’t see it until you’re directly in front of it on the trail.

On a side note, are you familiar with ‘planking’? Essentially, it’s when you lie flat and stiff like a plank on top of something. Sean was in the search of an Epic Plank, which was more stressful than you’d think. I stood on the ground and inwardly freaked out because my beloved was crawling on a little dinky rock fin fifty feet off the ground and oh my goodness what if the wind blew him off balance or a crow or a hawk came swooping by and startled him or what if he fell off and I couldn’t get him back to a hospital in time? Gaaaah. I was so scared that I was thinking in run-on sentences. Dreadful. I have never been afraid of heights, but apparently what I am afraid of is seeing someone I love so far off the ground. Suddenly I have turned into a complete pansy.

Anyway, my own cowardice aside, this is Double Arch. Beautiful!

We climbed across rock fins. And then some more rock fins. Rock fins are pretty much the main formation for the duration of this hike. The arches get carved into the fins from wind and sand.

It’s an astonishingly beautiful piece of the desert, the Devil’s Garden. And – a notable accomplishment for me – I did not fall into any rivers on this hike, as is my usual misstep! That was made easier by the fact that the riverbed we were walking along was mostly dry, but I’m going to take credit for my achievement anyway.

After we hiked, we had sushi. This roll is called Delicate Arch, after the most well-known arch in the park. It is wrapped in very, very thinly sliced cucumber, and it’s phenomenal. YUM.

Dear Moab: I love you. Especially now that you have a sushi restaurant. Thank you for keeping my brain from exploding with your beautiful clear desert sky and lovely, serene red rocks. Sincerely, Me.

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  1. Diane Tadehara

     /  October 30, 2011

    Dear You, Congratulations! You have now eaten at one of Tanakasan’s sushi restaurants. He will be coming out to Moab on business to that restaurant one of these days. I’ll tell him you loved it. So glad you made such great memories. xoxo

    • Nice! He will probably enjoy it. It was pretty good sushi, although a bit pricy. The Delicate Arch roll was delicious though. Surprisingly light for such a big-looking roll.


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