In the spirit of blogfulls (woo-hoo! made up a word!) of gratitude around Thanksgiving, here are some things that I am feeling particularly thankful about today.

  1. Warm weather in November so I can ride my motorcycle.
  2. Boots.
  3. Roasted pumpkin seeds.
  4. A dog who chews the stuffing out of any toy within five minutes, and likes to hang out in pillow forts. 
  5. A husband who is going to drive three hours with me to my mom’s house tonight, so I don’t have to try and eat a burrito while driving.
  6. Have you ever tried to eat a burrito while driving? It’s at least as tricky as it sounds.
  7. And probably dangerous.
  8. Please disregard numbers 7 and 8, they aren’t really things I’m thankful for.
  9. I’m grateful for adrenaline rushes, too.
  10. Candlesticks and purple flowers on my kitchen table.
  11. The last slice of chocolate almond torte with a glass of cold milk.
  12. A mom who still understands when I call her in a panic about something that I am theoretically old enough to handle, and who then reassures me that the world is not ending, and to take a deep breath.
  13. A little brother who calls me for help with his poetry homework.
  14. Another little brother who is a Marine, but will always my baby brother, dammit. I don’t care how chiseled his jaw gets or how tall and strapping he is. He’s still the same kid I used to stick in a fort of blocks, and then knock all the blocks onto him.
  15. A little sister who means the whole world to me, even when it seems like she is a whole world away, who occasionally takes things to literally and who will correct my grammar (like this TERRIBLE run-on sentence), but whom I love dearly anyway.
  16. Stepbrothers & sisters I actually like to spend time with, and a wonderful stepfather.
  17. Friends who not only tolerate me, but even occasionally read the nonsense I spout on my blog. And who let me feed them dinner and countless desserts, have tea parties with me, ride motorcycles with me, and generally are awesome people.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Peace, love, and too much turkey,


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  1. Diane Tadehara

     /  November 24, 2011

    I am thankful for children, (who as adults could decide not to spend time with me) who are willing to drive three hours to spend time with me or drive one hour early in the morning to reassure me that everything will be ok but then give in to the temptation to tease me while still under the influence of anesthesia and make me a cup of chai at home while pretending that nothing happened to compromise my integrity. HA! My run-on is longer than your run-on, but I love you anyway.


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