Comfort Food

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, I am staying at home and watching movies with my sweet pea. I know, I know. My life is pretty darn exciting. Also, I will be eating comfort food for dinner.

Everyone’s got their favorite comfort food. This is mine:

A bowl of sticky rice with pickled ginger, and a pot of green tea. Oh yeah! There’s something wonderful about the simplicity of the ingredients and the steam wafting off the rice. The beautiful gingery-vinegar bite on the slightly sweet rice, and the clear, crisp taste of properly brewed sencha tea feels so very clean and satisfying to me.

The thing that I love about comfort foods is that they are a personal history lesson. My mom’s side of the family is Japanese, hence the sticky rice and pickled ginger. I’ve been eating that since…well, since I was old enough to eat. My grandmother, who is English and Scottish, gave me the teapot (Old Willow pattern if you’re a china nerd like me). I have been drinking tea…well, since I was old enough to walk to Grandma’s house for tea and toast in the afternoon.

Comfort foods are most definitely less about the foods themselves, and more about connecting with your own past. So what’s your poison? Macaroni and cheese? Mashed potatoes and gravy? Ham fried rice? Spaghetti and meat sauce?

Peace, love, and food that means something,

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