A Friday List

I realize it’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve posted anything. Since school started, I’ve been scrambling just to meet most of my obligations (you know…homework…work…doing laundry once a month…) and I’ve started a dozen posts but not finished a single one of them. In light of that, here is a Friday list reflecting the current state of my brain.

In no particular order:

  1. Chili verde burritos make my life complete.
  2. Making friends with the research librarian for your subject is one of the best decisions a grad student can make.
  3. I think I’m starting on a problem with collecting fountain pens. Help.
  4. Voting by mail > voting in person for people who have trouble remembering all the candidates’ platforms.
  5. “Students of color” and “colored students” do not mean the same thing, and if you’re giving a speech to hundreds of educators, it might be a slip-up you don’t want to make.
  6. Other things I have a problem with collecting: tea, teacups, scarves, red lipsticks, and anxieties.
  7. Every once in a while, I wonder “What if I hadn’t been terrible at organic chemistry and I’d have gone to medical school instead of graduate school?”
  8. Cheese is amazing and gross when you think about it.
  9. Anyone who waxes poetic about the smell of fresh country air hasn’t driven through a small country town containing a slaughterhouse or a stockyard.
  10. Sometimes all I need to turn around a bad mood is to see this cute furry little face: 


  11. Homemade yogurt is sooo much tastier than store bought yogurt.
  12. Without post-it notes, research would be impossible.
  13. I really want all of  these finger puppets from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.
  14. Rain in October is much more beautiful than rain in November.
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  1. Diane/Mom

     /  October 13, 2012

    My thoughts at the end of this very slow – and well-deserved after a 70hr workweek (M-F) – Saturday morning. Only in order as response to your thoughts…
    1. fried cheese
    2. I’ll send you a fountain pen to support your habit
    3. women of color vs colored women
    4. women of faith vs faithful women
    5. oddly, I just took stock of my teas before I read this post. I’m down to 18 varieties. MUST obtain more
    6. I’ve transferred the collecting of teacups to one who will carry them forward and pass them on
    7. never too many scarves
    8. you forgot earrings
    9. never too many lipsticks (purchased six in the past 3 weeks) reds, plums, even a pink
    10. skip anxieties
    11. do no guilt – neither give nor receive
    12. take no offense – the human factor is capable of mucking up much without effort
    13. it is a tangible reality to define regions by smell upon leather at 50-60 mph
    14. those finger puppets are fantastic! Love the Louis Armstrong, he got me through some rough years. Which is your favorite?
    15. even the briefest consideration of the acquistion of a full-scale restaurant when one works the ludicrous hours I do in a week may indicate the need for mental health services

    but I will always love you forever and most.

    • Mama, that is a great list! I think the Jacques Derrida one is the funniest, because I just had a presentation on him for one of my classes. I’ll send you some tea. 🙂 XOXOXOXO!


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