Wait, it’s December?

Holy cow, how the hell did that happen? Just kidding. I know it’s December because I remember this time of year…from the last time I was in grad school! I recognized early December based on these similarities:

  1. Uncontrolled, spontaneous bouts of laughter, usually at highly inappropriate times.
  2. Realizing that I am annoying the hell out of my family, friends, and co-workers, but being mentally incapable of keeping my mouth shut.
  3. Uncontrolled, spontaneous bouts of crying.
  4. Coffee consumption up 178% over other months.
  5. Pretty sure my hair is falling out.
  6. Sleeping less than five hours a night.

The sum of these six things all together leads me to one conclusion: it’s finals time. It’s the only time of year that I don’t like my own company very much. I’m even aggravating to myself. This. Must. Stop.

As a token of repentance for being so thoroughly irritating for the last two weeks, here is a list of things I love about some of the people in my life (in no particular order).

  1. My beloved: he does the laundry. He mops floors. He looks unbelievably sexy in a white t-shirt and jeans. He rides motorcycles with me. He always knows when I’m sad, and gives me extra-good hugs. He goes for walks with me sometimes, even though he hates going for walks. He works really hard. He is one of the most loyal human beings I have ever met – if you are lucky enough to gain this man’s friendship, you have it forever.
  2. My mama: she is courageous. She is honest. She taught me how to be the woman that I am, from riding a motorcycle to baking to being (okay, aspiring to be) a good listener. She is compassion incarnate.
  3. My littlest brother: this kid is a total clown. Unfortunately, he is also taller than I am now. He’s a smart cookie and a good-hearted person, and it’s been CRAZY watching him grow up. I’m so proud of all he has accomplished.
  4. My sister: she’s waaaaay smarter than I am. Scary smart. And she always edits my papers because I have a tragic addiction to the word “which.” She sends sporadic text messages which absolutely light up my world. We have the same speech patterns when we are talking on the phone, which is both hilarious and annoying, because we always pause exactly the same amount of time, and then both start talking at exactly the same time.
  5. My Numero Tres brother: when we were little, we used to do something at the same time and then look at each other and say, “It’s an odd thing!” Because I’m the first child and he is the third…get it? Get it? Okay, maybe that’s an odd thing too. He’s wise enough to swallow his pride even when I can practically hear it choking him – and he’s still awfully young. This guy’s going places.
  6. My colleagues: Michelle, Anna, Bryan, Nate, and our beleaguered boss Steve (aka Captain America). Good lord, these people have the patience of saints for tolerating me. (See #1 in my list: lately this has been occurring in meetings where we’re really trying to get work done.) Thank you all collectively for: throwing only soft, squishy stress balls around our office, going on daily coffee runs with me, getting pedicures with me (this is definitely more for Michelle and Anna), and being generally hilarious and enthusiastic and fantastic. Most importantly, I love that none of you have decked me with an office chair/laptop/monitor when I have one of those uncontrollable fits of laughing at an inappropriate time. I can’t even tell you all what a difference that makes.

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, but I will repent more at a later date. Small doses, you know.

Love, peace, and patience,

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