A New Cold Record!

Okay, a new cold record for me. Not an actual cold weather record for a particular location…but more on this later.

This week at work has not been exactly fantastic. I’m pretty sure at one point today I uttered the words “axe” and “#$^&*%-ing computer” in the same sentence. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t even stand my own company. So, what to do, what to do?

I think the answer is clear. When in doubt, MOTORCYCLE!


My beloved Ginger and I rode out to the Great Salt Lake at sunset. We stopped to take pictures in the parking lot there…because my fingers had all but frozen up, and I couldn’t feel my legs any more. So I stomped around for a while, and put my hands on the engine until I was warm again.


Siiiiiiigh. Isn’t she beautiful? Next to my family, this is the thing I need most. When I get jittery and angry for no apparent reason, I always know that Ginger’s what I need. Riding a motorcycle is my happy place.





I also set a personal record for coldest ride! Here it was 24 F, but later on in the ride, after the sun went down, it was 22 F! Woohoo! Nothing like a personal best to turn around a crappy week. What’s the coldest ride you’ve ever been on?

Love, peace, and motorcycle zen,

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