Late-Night Posting!

There are lots of things my doctor tells me I should do in order to get more sleep (because apparently six hours a night isn’t adequate). I routinely ignore this advice. Because it’s 12:05 am, and I am a little obsessed with writing lists of things, here’s a list of “Stuff I Shouldn’t Do Right Before Going To Sleep.”

  1. Look at bright lights, or (heaven forbid) a computer screen. Oops. 
  2. Get worked up about anything.
  3. Read anything about neoliberal economics, because…see #2.
  4. Read anything about America’s appalling hypocrisy on the topic of social justice, because…see #2.
  5. Read anything about domestic violence, because…see #2.
  6. Read anything about the current state of women’s reproductive health rights, because…you guessed it! See #2. (It goes on, but I think four topics illustrates the point.)
  7. Drink anything caffeinated. (Actually, the doc says I oughtn’t do this after 3 pm, but that’s just not going to happen. Sorry. I’ll switch to herbal tea at 10 pm, how’s that?)
  8. Having snacks! Like the crackers with the delicious homemade jalapeno mint jelly from my lovely friend Nicolette that I just scarfed down? Uhhh…
  9. Ruminate on stressful topics. Like the PhD program I’m currently thinking about ALL THE DAMN TIME.

In contrast to the first list, here’s what I should be doing every night.

  1. Enjoy a nice bedtime routine. I thought that “homework til 12:30, then crash til 6:30” counted as a routine? 
  2. Do something soothing, like a lavender foot soak. That sounds lovely, but usually by the time homework is done I barely have the energy to wash my face properly.
  3. Have a twenty-minute wind down period. HA. That’s twenty minutes of precious sleep.
  4. Go to sleep at 10 pm. I must ask you – if you are a person who goes to sleep at 10 pm, HOW DO YOU GET EVERYTHING DONE? I cannot figure this out. Please help me.

Next time a professor tells me that grad school isn’t as stressful as what happens after grad school, I think I’ll probably start crying.

Love, peace, and disobeying doctor’s orders,

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  1. Diane/Mom

     /  January 26, 2013

    Fret not, little one! At least you come by your medical non-compliance honestly – and genetically – and since we are referring to medical la-la then genetics certainly count!

    In case you forget how you came to find six hours of sleep normal, let’s refresh. Start with Gpa George. Four hours of sleep every night. Period.

    (The following is merely the sole philosophy of Diane and may be hazardous to your health in California. May be dangerous; don’t try this at home.)

    1- Sleep is expendable.
    2- Only those who adapt move on.
    3- Find the one person every day you are to help. (and the things you need will come to you.)
    4- Foot soaks are possible under a desk. That’s where I did mine.
    5- Bedtime routines really work and they are worth shifting gears a few minutes early. ie.brush your teeth, wash and moisturize your face, have mind-blowing sex that doesn’t leave room for thought, or at least read a boring book for a few minutes.

    … now a message from the nurse…
    1- Sleep has been proven to increase vitality, boost metabolism (and weight-loss), and decrease the occurance of major illness and disease.
    2- Even slugs move on.
    3- Doing for others will just put you behind on your list.
    4- Do not share foot baths, it spreads fungus.
    5- Adequate bedtime routines improve the quality of sleep and increase the length of the REM cycle which is essential to normal brain function. (might explain me…)

    Mainly, hold on to your dreams. Never lose hope.

  2. thebooksnthelooks

     /  January 27, 2013

    As a grad student who goes to bed at around 10pm, let me tell you it is possible to get everything done. I operate way better with 9 hours of sleep than I do with 6 so getting adequate sleep is crucial for my success. It just means that I have to be very productive and efficient during my working hours. Sometimes it gets tough to get everything done but this year’s resolution is to put my health first 🙂


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