And Now, for Your Auditory Enjoyment: Music/Homework Pairings

It’s another Monday! Hooray! And today, as I was reading my homework before class, it occurred to me that I was listening to…a Mozart requiem. While reading “Violence and the Philosophical Imaginary.” (By Ann Murphy, in case you were wondering.) Oh, the coincidence!

Naturally, this prompted a list of some other strangely appropriate music/homework pairings…not as tasty as a wine and cheese pairing, perhaps, but just as relevant!

Alicia Keys, Fallin’/Newtonian physics
M.I.A., Paper Planes/critique of neoliberal economics
Frank Sinatra, Luck be a Lady/statistical analysis of how often meteorology turns up right
Bizet’s Carmen/Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Cien Anos de Soledad
The Beatles, I’ve Just Seen a Face/research on the anthropology of facial symmetry
Beth Hart, Baddest Blues/Jane Austen…anything, really

What’s on your list?
Love, peace, and humor in unexpected places,

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