Today I feel lucky. Not lucky in the sense of “Oh, I just found a dollar in my pocket that I’d forgotten about!” or lucky as in “Oh, the frozen yogurt place has my very favorite flavors right next to each other so I can swirl them!” No. I feel lucky because I still have my mom. Let me backtrack a little.


On Tuesday, July 15th, my mom was riding her motorcycle home through a canyon (like a badass, which she absolutely is) when a deer jumped out and hit her, sending her and her bike rolling across the road. Shortly after that, I got a text message that I dread – that my mom was in the hospital after a bike wreck. In that moment, I was more afraid than I’d ever been in my entire life, praying to everything in the universe that it wasn’t the worst news. Gut-wrenchingly, heart-stoppingly terrified, brain scrambling through an enormous list of everything that can go wrong on a motorcycle, I was ready to jump in my truck and fly to my mom’s side. (Then she got on the phone in a haze of medications and scolded me for even thinking about driving while I was panicking, and I knew she’d be all right.)

I dreaded – and still dread, actually – that message, be it a text or a phone call, because most of my family rides motorcycles. In fact, I rode my motorcycle up to the hospital to see her. So did my brother. Every time I get on my bike I accept the chance that something terrible might happen to me. I’ve watched my husband wreck. I’ve watched my youngest brother wreck. Both of those were minor accidents with hardly any physical injuries, but the terror is the same. And not everyone is so lucky.

That terror is the most visceral reminder of how fleeting and fragile human existence really is. And of how valuable life is.

I am so lucky to still have my mom on this planet. And so lucky to have lost so few people who are near and dear to me.

So whether you ride motorcycles or you don’t, whether your family rides or not, tell someone how much you love them. Let them know how lucky you are to have them in your life. Put into words what you feel, but maybe don’t speak, every day, and tell them all the reasons you are grateful for their presence. Maybe it’s their sense of humor, or solidarity, or companionship, or friendship, the way they give a great foot massage when you are really tired after work. Maybe it’s the advice they give, the examples they set, the life they lead, or the stories they tell. Maybe it’s everything.

Mama – I LOVE you. And I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so grateful that you are still alive on this earth with me.

Love, peace, and luck,

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  1. Good to hear that your Mom is okay; God Bless!

  2. Diane Tadehara

     /  July 27, 2014

    I, myself, don’t feel its luck. I choose to believe that I am blessed. Blessed beyond words because I AM still here. This accident could have ended so much worse in at least one hundred ways. I choose to believe in God which is why my verb of choice is blessed. I am blessed to have EVERY one of my amazing children in my life. So sorry though, for the panic and fear. But remember; Pain, Panic, and Fear all serve the important purpose of letting us know we are alive.
    I love you most, my Darling.

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